Gate drivers serve as a critical link between control circuits and popular power devices such as MOSFETs, IGBTs, and SiCs. Gate Drive transformers deliver control pulses to the switching devices while providing galvanic isolation between them and the control circuit. They also scale the control voltage via the primary-to-secondary turns ratio to provide the proper signals to the power devices.

ICE provides a wide range of Gate Drive Transformers for Hi-Side and Low-Side drivers. Our line of transformers for High-Side drivers offers high creepage while maintaining low leakage inductance in both SMT and THT packages. Our transformers for Low-Side drivers feature very small packages to improve overall power density.

When choosing a Gate Drive transformer, engineers must meet the volt-time, voltage scaling, and creepage requirements of the application while trying to minimize the size. Check out our Gate Drive Basics application note to learn more.

GT02 Series

  • Low Profile
  • E-T Product : 19.4 V-μs
  • Hi-Pot : 1500 VDC

GT03 Series

  • E-T Product : 110 V-μs
  • Hi-Pot : 3750 VDC

GT04 Series

  • E-T Product : 378 V-μs
  • Hi-Pot : 4500 VDC

GT06 Series

  • 12.5mm Creepage
  • E-T Product : 100  V-μs
  • Hi-Pot : 3750 VAC

GT07 Series

  • 9.2 mm Creepage
  • E-T Product : 45 V-μs
  • Hi-Pot : 6250 VAC


  • 9.2 mm Creepage
  • E-T Product : 70.6 V-μs
  • Hi-Pot : 3750 VAC

XT Series

  • Small Size
  • E-T Product : 12.80 V-μs
  • Hi-Pot : 2350 VDC

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