Shelf Life

SMD Magnetics Components

Shelf life for vacuum sealed package - Hot Dip Tinned parts. – 12 months

Shelf life for vacuum sealed package - Tin Electroplated parts. – 24 months

Shelf life after vacuum sealed package is opened - 3 months at < 30℃ / < 65% RH.

Shelf life for SMD Drum Core Inductors - 6 months.

THT Magnetics Components

Shelf life – 24 months at < 30℃ / < 65% RH.

Current Sensors (Busbar-Mount and PCB-Mount)

Shelf life - 24 months

ICE Products Storage Conditions

The application recommendations and technical specifications must be followed when using ICE Products. Failure rates may increase and the circuit may experience disruptions if the limitations, operating conditions, or handling instructions are not followed.


Storage And Transportation Conditions

  • Do not store the products in a room where the temperature or humidity changes rapidly.
  • Avoid storing the products directly on the ground or open air without a cover to protect them from moisture and dust.
  • Avoid keeping the products in places directly exposed to sunlight and heat.
  • Avoid exposure to corrosive gases or acids (i.e. sulfur and chlorine) to prevent poor solderability.
  • Do not store the products in bulk without proper protection and spacing to avoid collision with other components that may result in damages (i.e. chip off and wire breakage).
  • Use caution when storing, handling and transporting the products to avoid reducing their reliability due to excessive vibration and impact.