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LP02-1 Series High Current Inductor

ICE Components LP02-1 Series high current inductors for VRM applications.




• Design Verified by Leading IC Manufacturers
• High Saturation Current of 40A
• Designed for Frequencies Up To 1MHz
• Suitable for Pick And Place Applications
• Tighter DCR Tolerances Available. 


• Reel Diameter: 13"
• Reel Width: 16mm
• Pieces Per Reel: 1000


• Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs) 
• High Frequency, High Current Switching Power Supplies
• Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converters

  -  Samples Available

CT01 SMT Current Sense Transformers
Part Number Inductance1
(nH, ±15%)
(mΩ, ±10%)
IDC3 (A) ISAT2 (A)
LP02-101-1 95 0.32 42 40
LP02-141-1 140 0.32 42 35
LP02-181-1 180 0.32 42 25
LP02-251-1 250 0.32 42 18


  1. Tested @ 1MHz, 0.1Vrms.

  2. Inductance drops 15% at rated Isat

  3. DC current that causes a 40°C temperature rise. PCB layout, trace thickness and width, airflow and proximity to other devices will effect the temperature rise.

  4. Electrical specifications at 25ºC.

  5. Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +130ºC. This is a combination of ambient plus temperature rise.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.