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I03 Series Inductors.

ICE Components I03 Series inductors feature low DCR and high current ratings.

I03 series

(Thru Hole Inductor)




• High Saturation Current to 50A
• DCR as low as 0.98mOhms
• High Energy Storage in a Compact Package
• Lower DCR than similar Toroid Design


• Desktop CPUs
• Servers
• VRMs
• DC/DC Converters


Tray = 108 pieces
Box = 12 trays
Box = 1296 pieces

  -  Parts available @ Mouser

Part Number DCR (Max) DCR (Typ) Dimensions (X, Y) IDC ISAT Inductance
I03-142-1 1.03 mΩ 0.98 mΩ 6.6, 1.65 (mm) 35 A 50 A 1.4 μH
I03-302-1 2.73 mΩ 2.6 mΩ 9.45, 1.3 (mm) 21 A 30 A 3.0 μH
I03-562-1 7.66 mΩ 7 mΩ 7.11, 0.91 (mm) 9 A 14 A 5.6 μH


IDC: DC current required to produce a temperature rise of 50ºC.
ISAT: The DC current required to reduce the nominal inductance by 30%.
Inductance: +/-10%, Tested at 100 kHz, 0.1Vrms, 0Adc bias.

• Electrical specifications at 25°C. 
• Operating range: -40°C to +155°C. This is a combination of ambient plus temperature rise. 
• Meets Class F (155°C) insulation system requirements. 
• Meets UL94V-0.