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CT08 Series - Current Sense Transformer | ICE Components, Inc.

CT08 Series Current Sense Transformers are designed for high current density applications and rated up to 50A.

CT08 Series

Tombstone Current Sense Transformer


• Rated up to 50A
• PCB Mount
• High Current Density
• 47Hz to 4.0kHz Frequency Range


• Switching Power Supplies
• Motor Controls


• Pieces/Tray: 66
• Trays/Box: 10
• Pieces/Box: 660

  -  Parts available @ Mouser

CT08 Tombstone Current Transformer
         Part Number Turns Ratio (Np:Ns) Sec. Ls (min) Sec. DCR (max) ET (max) Hi Pot
CT08-1200 1:1,200 10 H 40 Ω 3,000 V-μs 3,750 VAC


Electrical Specifications

• Secondary Turns: 1,200
• Current Range: Up to 50A
• Hi-Pot: 3,750 Vac Pri:Sec (60Hz, 1mA, 1 min.)
• Operating Temp. Range: -40ºC to +130ºC
• Secondary Inductance (Ls): 10H min.
• Secondary DCR (Rs): 40 ‎Ω max.
• E-T Rating: 3,000 V-μs at 100ºC (Bi-Polar Only)
• Electrical specifications at 25ºC
• Frequency Range: 47Hz to 4.0kHz

Material Specifications

• Meets UL94V-0
• Material Rating: Meets requirements for UL Class B (130ºC) Insulation System. Ambient + Temp. Rise + Hot Spot Allowance < 130ºC


Specifications subject to change without prior notice.