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X-Coil Signal Transformer

ICE Components X-Coil Series transformer is designed for gate drive applications.

X-Coil Series

(Gate and Signal Transformer)




• Small Footprint
• Low Profile
• Flat Top Surface Suitable for Pick-and-Place
• RoHS Compliant


• Gate Drive Transformer
• Isolated Pulse and Signal Transformers
• DC/DC and AC/DC Converters



  -   Parts available @ Mouser

Part Number Ls (Min) L LKG (Max) DCR (max) E-T Product Turns Ratio Hi-Pot
XT01 100 μH 150 nH 320 mOhms 10.0 V-uSec 1:1 2,250 Vdc
XT02 140 μH 150 nH 350 mOhms 12.8 V-uSec 1:1 120 Vdc
XT03 31 μH 600 nH 120 mOhms 3.75 V-uSec 1:1 2,350 Vdc
XT04 86 μH 100 nH 140 mOhms 6.25 V-uSec 1:1 2,350 Vdc


L LKG (max): Tested at 100kHz, 0.1Vrms.
Ls (min): Tested at 100kHz, 0.1Vrms.